Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hold Hands?

It's been a long I'm not updating this blog. 
Kerja, balik rumah, penat nak tido. 
Bila nye boleh update. 

Tadi pagi drive masa on the way nak datang office, dengar la radio Fly FM. 
Memang every morning, every evening ( balik dari office) akan dengar Fly FM, sebab entah, rasa masuk je dengan jiwa. Hehehe

Today's topic pasal how many days/weeks we need to take to hold somebody's hand.
Tajuk agak menarik, macam2 lah orang call, then share experience masing2. 
Paling best, ada caller cakap he and his girlfriend never hold hands because his girlfriend doesn't want to. She claimed she is not a child anymore, so please don't hold her hand! (sort of like that).
Tersenyum2 dalam kereta dengar experience caller2 tadi.

From my opinion, it depends on the women actually. 
If that woman doesn't have any feeling for you, or just anggap you as a friend, doesn't matter if you took 3 months pun, it never works! Because she don't feel you. 
But if that woman has a feeling for you, and you give your try on the first date, surely she will be okay.

But sometime, few women doesn't like things happened so fast. So for these type of women, men really2 need to be careful. 
Eventhough she has a feeling for you, maybe she need some time to think for the right decision. 

Anyway..just wait until married la!
Sure got no rejection! Hahahaa..
Yup.. In Islam, mana boleh pegang pegang selagi belom kahwin kan.. 
Selagi tak lafaz akad depan tok kadi, tetap haram hukumnya. 

Aku pun tak sebaik mana, tapi at least, sampaikan peringatan kepada org lain and untuk diri sendiri.

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