Thursday, August 12, 2010

0Ld StORy

Do u remember..
When we were young..
We used to play together..
We used to have fun together..
U make me happy with ur jokes..ur words..
And in everything u do..
I always happy when i'm with u..

U are my bestfriend..
U are my company..
We been friend for a long time..
Where i go, u were there too..
How  i know it will be this way..
U are my bestfriend..

Since the day i looked into ur eyes..
My heart pounding..
My mind can't escape from think of u..
Everytime i breath, I heard ur name..
'Oh God, Why i felt that way..
He is my bestfriend'
For a year i wonder..
Do u felt like i do..
I gived up..
Suddenly u came..
Express ur feeling..
How I regretted..
I can't be with u..
Eventhough how much i wanted too..
But i just can't..
Cause my heart with ur friends.. 


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