Monday, July 18, 2011

Post : Doctor???

Entry kali ni pasl doktor..
ada pe ngn doktor ek..

okay..nk speaking cket..hehe
 the truth first ambition is to be a doctor..
i still remembered..13 years ago..
when i was a 7-years old girl..a standard 1 student..
my classmate teacher asked the whole class what's ur ambition..
there are  so many answered came out..
some want to be a policeman..some want to be a doctor..
the same goes to engineer, fireman, army..

so when my turns came, i said 
'saya nk jd doktor ckgu'
with full of confident..

that is the dream n the ambition that i held until i was f5 ( i think la..)
so when i was in f4.. i confused to choose either pure science or account..
oh yes..i have intrest in account bcoz my passion towards mathematics.. ;)
n then i thought..
'what if i choose pure science instead of account right now?
maybe i'll be able to carry on..n if i don't it is okay bcoz i already tried my best'
  so i said to myself ' yes.go for it! a dream to be a doctor..!

and.. after make that choice.. i know that..
I'm in love with Biology!
but only in Malay languages..
i have difficulty to understand Bio in English..
and deep inside my heart..
i know i will do better than i did if only i learnt Bio in Malay..
for two years i  thought that way..
and sometimes i wondered myself why they have to change all the syllbus from Malay to English..
u make me hard to learn sciences sbject , you know that? 

lps SPM dgn keputusan Bio dpt 5, maka xlayaklah tuk memilih jd doktor..
but..its ok..
bcoz my passion towards mathematics never change..

so bla nk masuk u..
Wani, go for Mathematics! 
  smpi skg..

tp ada gk rasa terkilan ni..
asl ckp kos matematik je owg kata jd ckgu..
kecik tau ati ni..
kami blajr susah2..penat lelah..
bukan semata2 tuk mnjadi ckgu..

Mathematics is fun but it is not easy  ..
so berbalik kpd doktor..
mugkin xde rezeki tuk mnjdi doktor..
 ada hikmah di sebalik semua y terjadi 

      p/s : sorry for my broken english ;)


Nur Afiqa Mustaza said...

hee , same ngn aku , cita2 ak dulu nk jadi doktor.

oNy NaKaShiMa said...

ye ke? ko xpnh cte pn..hehe

nadiahzulkifli said...

alolo wani nomey2. hee :D

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