Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two Feeling At Once

Salam all. Once again, here i am. 
Masih di sini mengarang blog yang tak seberapa ni. 
 Nothing much for today's entry. But still, i hope you will not dissapointed after reading it. 

Actually, i just want to share my excitement here, and also my nervousness. 
For the excitement, after a long years of study, finally i have completed my degree. Yay! :D
The only thing left is the convocation and i have no idea how it looks like since i never been there, even for my friend's convocation. But, by looking at my friend's convocation photos, and all their stories about the whole situation, i think i will be able to imagine it well. So, it's ok i think. :)

As for my result, Alhamdulillah i managed to get a good result, and truthfully i am proud with myself, a lil bit. To be truth, it is always been my dreams to get VCA award and i believe all students in any unversities have been dreaming about it. So, i think it's not too much if i said i am proud of myself and felt that all those my hard work  within all these years of studies  have been paid. Alhamdullillah, syukur pada Tuhan. :) 
Berkat doa mama, papa, si dia, and friends.

As for my nervousness, huh :( . By the time this entry was wrote (typed actually), is the last day for me bergelar seorang penganggur bertauliah. Seriously, i can't imagine how my first day gonna be, and also days after that. Mampu kah aku nak bertahan dengan stress2 kerja, pressure2 dari bos, masalah2 dalaman, masalah hubungan antara pekerja, masalah dalam bidang kerja aku? 
Tambah2 pulak, aku akan ulang alik dari kulim ke penang, setiap hari, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a months, mampukah aku?
Masa intern dulu pun selalu je terlambat, kena masuk pukul 8, hari2 aku masuk pukul 8 lebih sikit, tapi it's okay lah, sebab dapat greenlight dari my manager and supervisor as long jangan lebih 8.30. 
so for this company, huh, how i'm gonna wake early and arrive sharp at 8 am? ermmmm, cabaran tu sebenarnya. So, u can do it wani!! (really hope i will!)

Actually, deep down inside my heart, i really miss KL. why? there is a lot memories there, i once dreamt about have works in KL and staying there, but it turns out tak ada rezeki di sana, maybe one day, we will see. tapi buat masa sekarang, sangat2 rindukan KL. rindukan suasana malam dia, and all those shopping complex malls! i'm not shopaholic type but i like to window shopping, suka tengok gelagat orang ramai, daripada duduk saja buang masa lepak, baik jalan2 jamu mata kan?
Plus, banyak kenangan dengan si dia di sana. so yeah, i'm really miss that.

with that miss and picture, i end my entry for today. Till we meet at the next entry.


Fatin Hazirah Osman said...

Hehe congratulations proud of u being as BFF.. Love u!!

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